Ohh yeah! STICKERS! $5

Hey - I'm Wes Bos. I make web development courses.

I also make stickers. Want some?

This is simple.

for $5 USD, I'll mail you a pack of 18 stickers anywhere in the world.

I only have 0 packs left. Once they are gone, they are gone!

0 Packs Left

18 Stickers in a pack

Put them on your laptop, Tesla or water bottle

Makes you a better developer

The Stickers [Pack #5]

A few times a year I print new packs and will sell them on this site.

Some of these stickers were designed by Patrick DePuydt

Along with being a great designer, and front end dev - he also has a Front-End Careers newsletter you should sign up for.

Pat also once sent me 8 bottles of hot sauce. Cool guy.

3-layer Holographic silver CSS. The next time one of those React folk start talking about how CSS is broken, you can just flash this in their face and they will slowly fall asleep.

Designed by Patrick DePuydt

Idle Hands Build Nothing. A constant reminder to keep building things. This is a quote from a song by Levi the Poet. "Idle hands build nothing that you can call your own"

Designed by Wes Bos

Advanced React - matches my latest course.

Designed by Wes Bos

CSS GRID. This one is so sick!

Designed by Patrick DePuydt

WPForms Mascot β€” cute little guy!

Syntax Podcast. For the crew who tune in twice weekly for the Tasty Treatsβ„’.

Designed by Wes Bos

I like BBQ and JavaScript! I hope this will make you buy one of my courses

Designed by Westopher Bosley

Show some code love ❀️

Designed by Patrick DePuydt

Hipster developer starter pack

If you snack as hard as you code

Designed by Patrick DePuydt

Sling Divs × Push Pixels × Kill Bugs

Designed by Patrick DePuydt

JS on the server? Why would anyone ever do that?

Pick a framework and throw the other two out. Tweet hot tips πŸ”₯

ahhhh! I have so many questions!

Selling these stickers is a bit of a logistical challenge - I've got it mostly figured out but I ask that you please read these FAQ before emailing me.

Can I pick which ones I want?


Do you have any of the old ones left?

Nope. Maybe I'll print more of the popular ones.

Really anywhere in the world?

Yep! As long as you can receive a letter in the mail. Some countries are slow though - see below.

I want to ship somewhere other than my billing address.

Use the paypal checkout then.

Where are my stickers? What is the tracking number? Please provide me hourly updates!

The stickers will be mailed out via standard letter mail a week or two after you buy. I'll email you when they are shipped out. They take anywhere between 2 days and 2 months to get to you so please be patient. There is no tracking number. If they don't show up, I'll gladly refund you, but that is all I know about their whereabouts so please hold off on asking me where they are - I don't know!

How long should it take?

US, Canada, Australia and most of Europe usually will receive theirs within a week or two. From my experience the rest of the world, including Mexico, arrive within 1-2 months. Most of Africa and India is all over the map with deliverability - sometimes it's a few weeks and often they do not arrive at all. I'll refund you if this happens but that is all I know about this.

It's been two months and I haven't received mine yet.

Unfortunately a small percentage get lost in the mail. This is either due to insufficient address provided at check out, pirates on the boat or a mail carrier who really likes JavaScript stickers.

If yours don't show up after 2 months after shipping, I'm happy to either refund you or send a second pack out. I want you to get the stickers as much as you do, so let me know! I'll pay for the extra postage in this case.

Can I buy as many as I like?

Sure - just check out a few times. They will come in separate envelopes each time you check out so I can avoid the envelope being classified as a parcel. Sometimes they show up on different days even though they are mailed on the same day!

What kind of stickers are they?

They are matte PVC - often referred to as "vinyl stickers". The holographic one is made from magic, science and lazers.

I work for a company and wish to sponsor the next batch of stickers. Can we?

Maybe! [email protected]

Where did you get the stickers made?

I worked with a printer in longgang Wenzhou, China called ZigPac. It's definitely not as easy as Sticker Mule, but once you have a relationship with the printer, it's about β…“ the cost of Sticker Mule for the same quality. There are many printers in this area of China so if you have a special request (like gold foil, or custom printed bag tops), they can usually accommodate. Tell Bruce I sent you :)

Can I get an invoice?

Yep - log into your account. This is the same account as my other courses.

😒 You are sold out! When will you get more?

Soonβ„’ Stickers are a huge logistical hurdle so I only do them once or twice a year.

I hate and I wish to email you about it

plz no


Product Title


I will ship the stickers to your billing address. If you need to provide a different address than your billing address, use the PayPal option and specify your address when you come back from paying with PayPal.

In an effort to cut down on the amount of time mailing these takes me, I'm going to ask you a series of silly questions. Please make sure everything your info in correct πŸ˜ƒ

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You'll authorize the purchase amount on paypal and then come back to input your shipping address.

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